Auf Wert Und

This is a project by pupils (aged 12 – 18 years) and art teachers from four schools in Innsbruck (BORG Innsbruck, BRG APP, BRG for working people, KATH. Bakip), three art teachers (Michael Engele, Hans Lahninger, Elisabeth Melkonyan) and the Italian artist Roberto Cipollone or “CIRO” for short. The results of this school and art project were exhibited in March 2006 in the foyer of the Imperial Hofburg in Innsbruck.

The title “On Value and” was also the motto of this exhibition which focused on finds, fractions and accumulations. Various items - no matter how inconsiderable, functionless and worthless they might be - were chosen to be the starting point and the source of inspiration for our work. The only aim was to inject new usefulness into worthless things by transforming and modifying them, using lots of imagination within the framework of a reflective, creative process.

By working together with the artist, the pupils stepped into a world which was both poetic and surprising at the same time.

Following the tradition of Arte Povera, “poor”, unimpressive objects like metal remnants, wood and pieces of broken glass etc. are being used and put into a new context by means of artistic handwriting.

But not banal.
Human work
Was not in vain.
Work is forming me,
As I am forming it.
And both win.
(Roberto Cipollone)

Poverty, modesty and humility are the spiritual sources of the artist Roberto Cipollone, who wants to reawaken old, used and disposable things by putting them together in a meditative and cautious way in order to conserve these things as well as the dignity of the past. The aim is to create a new environment, to confront reality with unreality and to assemble finds to create a new work of art.

Auf Wert Und