Power of less


In times of climatic change, Pandemics and environmental crisis and war in Ukraine we want to react as artists. It is important to raise people’s awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainable development through artistic exploration and reflection.

In our Symposium we offer a platform for artists who want to work together to unpack some of the most acute problems of our times and to find new creative solutions.
  • Field research – visual documentation.
  • Land Art projects
  • Ceramics and clay soil
  • Recycling Art

There are different locations for work:
Studio garden in Kufstein, Mils, permaculture garden in Schwaz, forest garden in Innsbruck

Timeframe of the project: 01. – 14. August 2022
SO. 07. August from 14 Uhr - 1. Exhibition - open studio garden in Kufstein, Mozartstraße 7
MI. 10. August from 14 Uhr - 2. Exhibition – permaculture garden in Schwaz, Winterstellergasse 31
MI. 10. August from 19 Uhr - Vernissage in the town Hall in Schwaz
DO. 11. August from 19 Uhr - Vernissage in der gallery Nothburga Innsbruck, Innrain 41
Exhibition from 12.08. – 13.08.2022

Igor Gaidai (Ukraine), Valentina Samoilik (Ukraine), Miroslava Ledo (Venezuela), Zhanhong Lia (China, NL), Faezeh Shakoori (Iran), Boris Roce (Kroatia), Sandra Ban (Kroatia), Do Delaunay (France), Sally Ducrow (GBR, FR) Peter Heyn (Germany), Minna Antova (Bulgaria), Bánkúti Gergö (Hungary), Elisabeth Ehart-Davies (Austria), Michael Engele (Austria) Gabriele Gruber-Gisler (Austria), Margareta Langer (Austria), Elisabeth Melkonyan (Austria)

Elisabeth Melkonyan & Margareta Langer

Power of less


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