Coming together North-South

WE BUILD A BRIDGE In July 2010 Elisabeth Melkonyan was invited to the International Bamako Symposium on the Arts in Mali, where she could meet African artists and learn more about the fascinating culture of Africa. The foundation stone of the 2. part of COMING TOGETHER NORTH-SOUTH was laid. WE BUILD A BRIDGE - is called in the Bambara Laguage of Mali - AN BÈ BA BILI.

an bè ba bili is the African Name of the project, which is organised 2011 with African artists and four schools in Innsbruck. Katholische Bildungsanstalt für Kindergartenpädagogik KORG Kettenbrücke Neue Mittelschule Kettenbrücke Volksschule Kettenbrücke. The emphasise of this project is stressed in the cooperation and integration of European and African culture and artistic events. In April (11. - 15. April 2011) students of the four schools had the possibility to work together with three African artists, in order to do different kinds of art: painting, ceramics, three dimensional objects, textile, cooking and drumming with the band Elaminjé.

Victoria S. Udondian - Nigeria Cheikh Niass - Senegal Mariam Cissé - Mali

To start the project off the schooltheater teatro der Bakip Salzburg performed the play MAKING WORLD (Hommage an Jura Söyfer). Besides the creative workshops, the students had the possibility to discuss with Wate Anyanwu fro Nigeria, Mag. Reinhard Schatz (SOS Kinderdorf), Victoria S. Udondian, Mariam Cissé and Cheik Niass in order to make them sensitive to the problems and chances of Africa. One oft he highlights of the project was the intercultural fashionshow, were African fabrics were integrated into European fashion. The results of their works were shown in a mutual exhibition in the Foyer of the school inspector of the Tyrol (Andechshof) in Innsbruck.

an bè ba bili k'a tigè nyon fè
We build a bridge to cross it together

Coming together North-South